Losing your identity – it is not really losing.

It is more like changing your identity.

But it feels like losing yourself.

Nobody can hurt me because nobody knows me.

Nobody sees me because I am like everybody else.

I feel alone even in a group.

I wear a mask always smiling.

Every colour is like grey.

Every day is the same day.

I can´t stand this anymore.

Why am I here?

The pressure is going to be too high.

Every second it gets harder to breath.

What is the meaning behind this?

Everybody wants something from me. But nobody wants me.

If they had all they want, they would throw me away.

Leave me alone in a dark pit where everybody is alone. But they need me.

They need to have somebody to blame. They need me to feel better about themselves.

If you feel like me, don´t act like me. Search for help.

Please talk, talk openly and do not keep it in you. Because someone wants to have you.

Written by Annabell Krohn, Paul Graffstädt and Jakob Weickert

Alle Autoren befinden sich in einer geistig guten Verfassung.

Manchmal ist es nicht einfach eine Person zu finden, die einem zu hörte. Doch genau dafür haben wir nun auch ab diesem Schuljahr unsere neue Sozialarbeiterin Frau Slania

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